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By Edward F. Anderson

Basically now, before everything of the recent millennium, is there an updated, entire learn of the cactus kinfolk. This long-awaited, enormous paintings covers the Cactaceae in an encyclopedic demeanour, addressing one hundred twenty five genera and 1810 species. the main finished unmarried source at the topic to be had this present day, it contains greater than a thousand colour pictures as well as different illustrations. The creation to every genus concentrates at the discovery of the cacti, and the advancements in our figuring out of them, lots of which end result from really contemporary research. As acknowledged within the foreword, "Cacti have a distinct fascination all their very own. Miniature spiny dwarf cacti under an inch in diameter are hidden within the arid areas of North and South the United States; the majestic columns of the enormous saguaro, Carnegiea gigantea, dominate the deserts of Arizona. but a lot of these cacti, given time, provide the incredible paradox of great plants, their delicacy a awesome distinction to the powerful spines that retain the viewer at a deferential distance." This striking range is absolutely defined and illustrated during this authoritative encyclopedia, that is either scientifically actual and readable. it is also a bankruptcy through Roger Brown at the cultivation of cacti, making the ebook much more worthwhile to growers and hobbyists, in addition to to taxonomists, ethnobotanists, and conservationists---indeed, a person drawn to succulent crops.

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133 Browningia Britton & Rose 1920 Gymnanthocereus Backeberg 1937 Azureocereus Akers & H. Johnson 1949 Castellanosia Cardenas 1951 Gymnocereus Backeberg 1959 Subfamily Cactoideae, tribe Browningieae. crops shrubby ortreelike, frequently columnar, branched, usually with well-formed trunks, to ten m (33 feet) excessive. Stems cylindrical, to 50 cm (20 in) in diameter. Ribs often quite a few, low. Areoles huge; vegetative areoles seriously spined; reproductive areoles frequently with few or no spines. vegetation open at evening, tubular to funnelform with perianth components spreading, white to purplish pink, with overlapping and conspicuous scales; areoles of pericarpels and floral tubes bare or approximately so; floral tubes curving somewhat. end result variable, frequently small. Seeds assorted. Distribution: Bolivia, northern Chile, and Peru. Browningia albiceps F. Ritter 1981 vegetation treelike, 4-5 m (13-16 toes) excessive, usually with trunks to two m (6. 6 feet) excessive. Stems 8-10 cm (3. 1-3. nine in) in diameter. Ribs approximately 17, 12-15 mm (0. 5-0. 6 in) excessive, with notched margins. Areoles around, white, 7-10 mm (0. 3-0. four in) aside. Spines on younger stems axe formed to thickly needle-like. Spines of older stems 12-20, a lot diminished, bristle-like, yellowish, 5-20 mm (0. 2-0. eight in) lengthy. plants, culmination, seeds no longer recognized. Distribution: Cajamarca, Peru. Browningia altissima (F. Ritter) Buxbaum 1965 Gymnanthocereus altissimus F. Ritter 1959, Gymnocereus altissimus (F. Ritter) Backeberg 1962 crops treelike, 5-10 m (16-33 toes) excessive with well-developed trunks. Stems cylindrical, with 7-8 ribs. important backbone often one, pointing downward, 2-6 cm (0. 8-2. four in) lengthy. Radial spines 5-6, pointing outward, zero. 5-1 cm (0. 2-0. four in) lengthy. flora greenish white, 5-6 cm (2-2. four in) lengthy, with crowded, extensive scales. end result eco-friendly, elongated, juicy. Distribution: close to Maranon, Peru. Browningia amstutziae (Rauh & Backeberg) Hutchison ex Krainz 1965 Gymnocereus amstutziae Rauh and Backeberg 1957 vegetation treelike, to five m (16 feet) excessive. Stems grayish to soiled eco-friendly, 5-6 cm (2-2. four in) in diameter. Ribs approximately eleven. Areoles brown, shut set. Spines as many as 15, bristle-like, brittle, brown, changing into grey or black with age. crucial spines 6, slightly differentiated as such, pointing downward, to four. five cm (1. eight in) lengthy. Radial spines 8-10, bristly, versatile, brownish, changing into grey or black with age. vegetation beginning extensively, cream to white, to four. five cm (1. eight in) lengthy and in diameter. Distribution: Rio Paucartambo, Peru. 134 Browningia caineana Browningia caineana (Cardenas) D. R. Hunt 1991 Castellanosia caineana Cardenas 1951 vegetation treelike, branching purely basally, to six m (20 feet) excessive. Stems lengthy cylindrical, truly jointed, a bit of versatile, gray-green, tapering somewhat, 30-40 cm (12-16 in) lengthy, 8-11 cm (3. 1-4. three in) in diameter. Ribs nine, divided through deep constrictions into sections. Areoles grey, around, to three cm (1. 2 in) aside. Spines of vegetative stems brown. imperative spines 3-4, 4-7 cm (1. 6-2. eight in) lengthy. Radial spines 15-16, zero. 8-4 cm (0. 3-1. 6 in) lengthy. Spines of flowering stems approximately 25, forming tufts of white to brown bristles, 1-4 cm (0.

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