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...[They have been attempted] through a court docket empanelled from one of the noble households, and sworn upon the sacrifices. The a part of accuser was once taken via Myron. They have been discovered accountable of the sacrilege, and their our bodies have been solid out in their graves and their race banished for evermore. In view of this expiation, Epimenides the Cretan played a purification of town.

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Cranaus. mythical king of Athens; p. 39. Creon. stated to be first annual archon 683/2: p. forty. Crete. Island south of Aegean (map 1): mythical king Minos, p. 39; domestic of Epimenides, 1. Creusa. mythical daughter of Erechtheus, mom of Ion: p. 39. Critias. Relative of Plato; chief of Thirty yet no longer pointed out within the Athenian structure; 34. 3n, 38. 1n. Cylon. makes an attempt tyranny 630S–620S: p. forty-one. Cypselids. family members which held tyranny at Corinth c. 657–583; Archinus I a Cypselid: 17. four. Damasias. Archon 582/1; keeps workplace illegally for extra fourteen months: thirteen. 2. Damonides. Named in mistakes for Damon son of Damonides, musician, instructor and adviser of Pericles, sufferer of ostracism: 27. four. Decelea. Deme (map 2); fortified as Spartan base in Attica 413–404: 34. 1. Delos. Aegean island (map 1); sanctuary of Apollo lower than Athenian regulate for far of 6th to fourth centuries: quadrennial and sexennial gala's, fifty four. 7; Athenian pilgrimage to, fifty six. three; Athenian amphictyons administer sanctuary, sixty two. 2; see additionally Delian League, in word list. Delphi. relevant Greece (map 1); sanctuary and oracle of Apollo: Alcmaeonids use to place strain on Sparta, 19. four; oracle chooses heroes for Cleisthenes’ tribes, 21. 6; sacred recorder Athenian delegate to, 30. 2. Delphinium, courtroom at. close to temple of Delphinian Apollo (map 3); used for murder trials: fifty seven. three. Demaretus. Killed by means of Thirty: 38. 2. Demophon. mythical king of Athens: p. 39. Diphilus. Father of Anthemion: 7. four. Draco. Codifies legislation of Athens 621/0: four. 1, cf. 7. 1, forty-one. 2; spurious ‘Constitution of Draco’, four. 2–5, cf. three. 1. Dracontides. writer of decree instituting Thirty: 34. three; member of Thirty. Eetionea. a part of Piraeus (map 2): fortified through 400 yet demolished through their rivals: 37. 1. Egypt. Visited through Solon: eleven. 1, Epit. three. Eleusis. Deme (map 2): sanctuary of Demeter and Persephone there; mythical warfare opposed to Athens, p. 39, cf. three. 2; past due incorporation in Athenian kingdom, p. forty; Thirty retire there, 36. 1n. , 38. 1n. ; separate group for oligarchs 403/2–401/0, 39, forty. four; garrisoned by means of cadets, forty two. 4n. ; see additionally Eumolpidae, Heralds; and Eleusinia, Mysteries, in thesaurus. Eleutherae. a ways north-west of Attica (beyond limits of map 2); governed as topic territory: fifty four. 8n. Ephialtes. Reforms Areopagus 462/1: 25; cf. 26. 2, 28. 2, 35. 2, forty-one. 2, Epit. five. Epilyceum. workplace of polemarch, most likely close to and named after Lyceum (map 3): three. five. Epilycus. mythical polemarch, Epilyceum stated to be named after him: three. five. Epimenides. Cretan who purifies Athens after affair of Cylon: 1. Ercchtheus. mythical king of Athens: p. 39, Epit. 1. Eretria. In Euboea (map 1): helps Pisistratus in ultimate seizure of strength, 15. 2; conflict opposed to Sparta 411, 33. 1. Euboea. Aegean island (map 1): Athens depending on its farm land in the direction of finish of Peloponnesian battle, 33. 1; see additionally Eretria, Geraestus, Oreus. Euclides. Archon 403/2: 39. 1. Eumelides. stated to have kept Lysimachus II from council’s loss of life sentence: forty five. 1. Eumolpidae. Eleusinian extended family conserving many workplaces in Eleusinian cult: 39. 2, fifty seven. 1. Geraestus. South-east cape of Euboea (map 1); element past which ostracized weren't to move: 22.

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