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By W.H.J. Feijen

Right here, the authors suggest a style for the formal improvement of parallel courses - or multiprograms as they like to name them. They accomplish this with at the least formal equipment, i.e. with the predicate calculus and the good- proven idea of Owicki and Gries. They convey that the Owicki/Gries conception will be successfully positioned to paintings for the formal improvement of multiprograms, whether those algorithms are dispensed or now not.

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Whilst, in a past due level of writing, prof. David Grics heard ab out this, he strongly advised to incorporate workout sections however. We then determined to (partly) keep on with his suggestion and to "misuse" the telephone book for this different goal as weIl. 124 12. The phone book 12. zero A precis This precis is prepared thematically. for many goods quoted, we consult with a ehapter the place it's diseussed extra elaborately and accurately. 12. zero. zero Predicate Calculus The reader is thought to be accustomed to the mIes of the predieate ealculus. ([DS90], for instanee, supplies a reasonably exhaustive remedy. ) although, we followed a couple of eonventions diverging from what's eommon. • functionality applieation: functionality applieation is denoted through an infix dot. Its distinetive estate is Leibniz' Rule: for functionality f x =y =} f. x = f. y , for all x, y. • The "Everywhere" -operator: The Everywhere-operator is a unary operator on predieates, and it's denoted by way of a couple of sq. braekets. Its "semantics" is given by way of [P 1 == (P yields price actual for all states of the country space). The operator performs a big röle in treating the semanties of application notations. • Binding powers: - The logical operators so as of deereasing binding strength are -', then 1\ and V (with equivalent binding power), then =} and {::: (with equivalent binding power), and at last == and '1= (also with equivalent binding power). - The arithmetie operators and relators bind extra strongly than the logicaiones. - Of all operators, functionality applieation binds most powerful. • The equivalenee-operator: The equivalenee-operator, denoted ==, is an infix operator on predieates. Its most crucial homes are: - it's symmetrie (commutative) and associative; - it has real as its left and correct id; 12. zero A precis one hundred twenty five - disjunction distributes over it, Le. [p V (X == Y) == P V X P V Y] - it really is relating to negation via [ ,(P == Q) == ,P == Q] f, it satisfies - for predicate transformer [ P == Q] => [f. P == f. Q ] that's an example of Leibniz' Rule. 12. zero. 1 Our computational version (cf. Chapters 1 and 18) A multiprogram is a suite of sequential courses -- known as parts. Execution of a unmarried part leads to a chain of atomic activities, prescribed through the country and this system textual content. Execution of a multiprogram leads to a chain of atomic activities that may be a reasonable interleaving of the sequences generated by means of the person parts. What "fair" boils right down to is that every part that has no longer terminated will, inside a finite variety of steps of the remainder of the approach, give a contribution a subsequent motion to the interleaving, without reference to even if this motion is a defend assessment or an task. Our use of the version is restrained to supply situations for helping or refuting growth claims. 12. zero. 2 Annotation Its form (cf. Chapters 2, three, five. 1) A fully-annotated multiprogram is annotated with assertions such that - there's a precondition of the multiprogram as an entire; - there's a postcondition of the multiprogram as an entire, in case all parts terminate; - every one person atomic assertion of every person part consists of a pre-assertion; - it mentions the (relevant) method invariants.

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