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By Andrew Lear

This lavishly illustrated ebook brings jointly, for the 1st time, the entire alternative ways during which vase-painting portrays or refers to pederasty, from scenes of courtship, foreplay, and intercourse, to scenes of Zeus together with his boy-love Ganymede, to painted inscriptions praising the great thing about boys. The ebook exhibits how painters used the language of vase-painting to forged pederasty in an idealizing mild, portraying it as a part of an international during which appealing elite men exhibit praiseworthy attitudes, comparable to moderation, and have interaction in licensed actions, equivalent to searching, athletics, and the symposium. The publication additionally includes a accomplished catalogue of correct vase-paintings, compiled by way of famous archaeologist Keith DeVries. it's the so much finished therapy to be had of an establishment that has few smooth parallels.

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Seventy seven Turin 4117. R-f cup recalling the Epeleios Painter. ARV2150. 35, 1628, Add2179. B: ys in orgiastic scene, a few ithyphallic; tricks of anal intercourse. Fig. three. nine. three. seventy eight Athens, Kanellopoulos assortment. R-f cup, demeanour of the Epeleios Painter. Para 336. I: 2 ys on kline at symposium, mendacity jointly below a blanket, one on best of the opposite. three. seventy nine Palermo 2132. W-g mug attached with the Epeleios Painter. ARV2 152. 1, Add2 a hundred and eighty. Dancing males and ys, one ithyphallic. three. eighty Munich 8954. R-f alabastron, Painter of Berlin 2268. ARV2 1629, Para 336, Add2 181. Y/b, combined a' (d-gesture basically) and b' (f-c; wading chicken additionally present). B grasps y's arm. three. eighty one Athens, Vlasto assortment. R-f alabastron, Painter of Berlin 2268. ARV2 157. 86. A: kind b', y/b (h) (b grasps y's wrist). three. eighty two Rome, Villa Giulia 50458. R-f cup, Ambrosios Painter. ARV2173. five, Para 338, Add2184. M and y jointly on kline at symposium. M has fingers round y. Fig. 1. 15. three. eighty three long island 07. 286. forty seven. R-f cup, Hegesiboulos Painter. ARV2175, 1631, Para 339, Add2184. M on kline at symposium fondles penis of slave-boy. Fig. three. 21. three. eighty four Athens, Agora P 7901. Fr. r-f cup which remembers the Gotha cup and Euphronios. ARV2 1559. Fr. sort c'. gym: gym-kit. Kalos-inscription to Agasikrates, between whose estate it was once came across. three. eighty five Malibu eighty two. AE. fifty three. R-f psykter, Smikros (Bothmer and Frel). Add2395. J. Frel 1981. Greek pics within the J. Paul Getty Museum eight, fig. 20. four y/b relationship pairs. L to r: first, kind a' (d-gesture purely) and education for kiss; style a' (d-gesture merely) (b touches y's arm); y appears at departing b, who seems again at him; style a' (double u-gesture) (b reaches towards y's reduce physique, w/ palm down, in gesture of acceptance). Inscribed names, a few w/ kalos, see dialogue in textual content. Fig. five. three. three. 86 Palermo 2139. Fr. w-g mug (possibly Hegesiboulos Painter: Wehgartner). I. Wehgartner 1983. Attisch Weissgrundige Keramik. Mainz. 99–100, no. three, pl. 33. three ys w/ "money-sacks" in hand, and 1 flower (type b' gifts). three. 87 Malibu eighty five. AE. 25. R-f cup, chippie Painter (Bothmer). M/b kiss scene. Fig. 1. 19. three. 88 Berlin 1964. four. R-f cup, wider circle of the Nikosthenes Painter. ARV21700, Para 334, Add2177. Satyrs in orgiastic scene (fellatio, anal). Fig. three. eleven. four. Ca. 505–470 BC four. 1 Frankfurt, Museum für Vor-und Frühgeschichte B 304. B-f lekythos, Capodimonte crew. Para 214. five (identified incorrectly). 2 m/y pairs, 1 variety b'(h). four. 2 Athens, Kanepoullos assortment. B-flekythos, Gela Painter. Para 216. kind c', m/y. Hunt: hound. four. three Boulogne forty nine. B-f lekythos, category of Athens 581. ABV 496. one hundred seventy. M relationship y. four. four Lugano, inner most assortment. B-f w-g lekythos, Sappho Painter. Para 247. kind b', m/b (f-c). Hunt: hound. four. five Athens industry. B-f w-g lekythos, Diosophos Painter. C. H. E. Haspels 1936. Attic Black-figured Lekythoi. Paris. 235, no. sixty eight. kind b', m/b (h, lyre? ). four. 6 Athens Nat'l Museum, Acropolis 2280. Fr. b-f w-g lekythos, Diosophos Painter. Haspels 1936. 237, no. one zero five (see four. 5). Eros and y. four. 7 as soon as Berlin 2032. B-f w-g lekythos, Diosophos Painter. Haspels 1936. 237, no. 108, pl. 37, 1 a-b (see four. 5). Zeus and Ganymede (with Eros prodding Zeus from behind).

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