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By Katherine Dewey

Captivating, exquisitely targeted and whole of character, Katherine Dewey's animal sculptures pride all who see them. With the pleasant medium of polymer clay and the step by step directions during this publication, you could in achieving an identical magical effects! I

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This venture makes use of lower than six balls of clay. 2 SHAPING THE physique ARMATURE this is often smaller model of the frog's physique armature. The twisted middle rod makes use of much less foil, a 12” × five” (30. 5cm × 12. 7cm) sheet folded to twelve” × 2 �” (30. 5cm × 6. 4cm). assemble lengthwise and twist tightly to shape a foil rod 2¼” (XX cm) lengthy. Wrap the guts of the rod with 12” × 6” (30. 5cm × 15. 2cm) sheets, each one accrued to twelve” × 1½” (30. 5cm × three. 8cm). assemble a 12” × 6” (30. 5cm × 15. 2cm) sheet to twelve” × 2½” (30. 5cm × 6. 4cm) and wrap round the rod, then roll firmly opposed to a desk best. Use a hammer to around the neck and flatten the tail. it's going to fit the armature trend. three construction THE BLUEBIRD'S physique Plaster the physique armature with of a ball and rub gentle. mix 1¼ balls and roll to shape an oval sheet approximately ” (0. 3cm) thick and wrap round the physique. combination the seams and rub delicate (A). building up the chest with an oval appliqué made up of a part ball (B). mix the seams (C). four MODELING AND ATTACHING the top form a �” (1. 3cm) diameter around foil center from a 6” × three” (15. 2cm × 7. 6cm) sheet of foil, folded to three” (7. 6cm) sq. (A). conceal with 1/2 a ball of clay (B) and fasten to the physique utilizing a collar made from 1 / 4 ball of clay (C). increase the nape with an oval strip made from of a ball (D). mix the seams, then widen the jaw with small disks, every one made from of a ball (E). combination the seams (F). five THE BEAK hint the beak trend onto a sheet of glue-sized paper or card inventory. lower and crease in line with the development. Coat the armature with vinyl glue and allow dry. Roll a really skinny sheet of clay from of a ball. Press onto the beak armature and trim the surplus. 6 placing THE BEAK ARMATURE Pinch the beak as you firmly press it into the guts entrance of the top. 7 SHAPING THE reduce BEAK shape a cone from of a ball and press into position lower than the beak armature. combination the seams and refine its form through operating clay from this appliqué onto the neck. eight SHAPING the higher BEAK increase the higher beak with a small strip of clay made up of a of a ball. mixture the seams and refine the higher beak by means of operating clay from the beak onto the face, then use a small knitting needle to outline the beak's contour. nine MARKING THE NOSTRILS Mark the nostrils with a small tapestry needle. 10 THE EYES Make and bake a couple of Black eyeballs (0. 5cm) in diameter. position the eyes at the facets of the top one eye-width again from the beak, above the jaw. either eyelids might be shaped from of a ball of clay. commence with the reduce lids and use a knitting needle to put and safe small �” to �” (0. 6cm to at least one. 3cm) lengthy rods of clay for every eyelid. After the eyes are comprehensive, tilt and switch the pinnacle, if you want. eleven MAKING THE TAIL hint the tail development onto a sheet of card inventory sized with great Glue. minimize, then fold the tail armature lengthwise to form it. Coat with a vinyl glue and permit dry. disguise the armature with a skinny sheet of clay and rub soft. 1 / 4 of a ball is good enough clay to hide the armature. 12 MARKING THE TAIL FEATHERS reproduction or hint the tail feather development at left onto a sheet of paper and reduce out.

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