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This edited publication provides medical result of the thirteenth IEEE/ACIS foreign convention on computing device and knowledge technology (ICIS 2014) which was once hung on June 4-6, 2014 in Taiyuan, China. the purpose of this convention used to be to assemble researchers and scientists, businessmen and marketers, lecturers, engineers, desktop clients, and scholars to debate the varied fields of desktop technological know-how and to percentage their stories and alternate new rules and data in a significant method. study effects approximately all features (theory, functions and instruments) of laptop and data technological know-how, and to debate the sensible demanding situations encountered alongside the way in which and the options followed to unravel them.

The convention organizers chosen the easiest papers from these papers permitted for presentation on the convention. The papers have been selected in accordance with assessment ratings submitted through participants of this system committee, and underwent extra rigorous rounds of overview. This ebook captures 14 of the conference’s such a lot promising papers, and we impatiently look ahead to the $64000 contributions that we all know those authors will deliver to the sector of machine and knowledge technology.

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